In this riveting episode of the Super Awkward Funcast, Elle Latham has a deep and 
slightly argumentative discussion with her friend Steven Robles.

On the docket in this free-for-all unedited extravaganza of a show are
topics ranging from marriage equality and why it's a distraction from
other more pressing matters that need addressing to who we think
actually has a chance of being nominated for an Emmy this year.


Returning Guest:


Steven Robles-Photographer and Comic Book Connoisseur


And your Humble Hostess:

Elle Latham-Photographer/Host of podcast/Actress/Writer/Producer/Director/TV Lover

And a final shout out to YOU, our wonderful listeners. We appreciate you so much!
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And finally, as always, enjoy the trip down the rabbit hole and make some snacks. It's gonna be a bumpy ride...

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