Here is our 4th Annual Super Awkward Funcast radio play, this time of a modern classic cult hit "so bad it's almost good" film titled "The Room" by misunderstood genius Tommy P. Wiseau. 
If you're not familiar with the film, you don't have to watch it before listening in order to properly appreciate this original version but it helps. This reading is as serious an interpretation as we could manage and we hope you enjoy our work. Bloopers will soon follow, I assure you.
Now join Elle Latham, your Humble Hostess, in addition to the Super Awkward Funcast Players for this exciting and hilarious (as well as noisy) rendition of the first (?) draft of "The Room".
Brandon Burkhart (@BurkhartBrandon) as Lisa, Bran, Crowd, Other Guys and Neighbor #1
Steven Robles ( as Narrator, Johnny, Michelle and Crowd
Edwin A. Santos (@edwin_a_santos) as Mark, Billy, Crowd, Other Guys and Neighbor #2
Elle Latham (@ElleLatham) as Claudette, Jimmy, Peter, Susan and Crowd
*This copyrighted work is merely being broadcasted for educational purposes.
**There is some background noise of dogs barking and planes going by. Just adjust your volume accordingly. I had the sniffles too so that makes it more awkward. Headphones recommended. 

Special thanks to the entire cast and a final shout out to YOU, our wonderful listeners. We appreciate you so much! Now, go SUBSCRIBE already. What are you waiting for?

And again, as always, enjoy the trip down the rabbit hole and make some snacks. It's gonna be a bumpy ride...

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