This is the exciting 7th! episode where special guest comic Rye Silverman and I discuss the government shutdown and reopening, racism in the new "Chinese Food" video, my awesome BIRTHDAY, and our hopes and dreams that got scattered along the way all in the first 28 minutes.

This is also the episode where special guests Katy Baker, comic Katsy Chappell, and I discuss the horrors of West Hollywood, the enigma of the film Gravity, SNL's problem with Black women, and the insanity of living in an unjust world.

It's a deep episode. So dig in.

Starring: Elle Latham (YES, AGAIN) as Your Humble Host

with Special Guests:

Special Guest #1: Rye Silverman (100 Jokes)



Special Guest #2: Katy Baker (Sketch Performer)

Special Guest #3: Katsy Chappell



Thanks to all of you for being awesome and coming on to the show!!! And an extra special thanks to Clare Means for allowing me to showcase her considerable talents at the end of the show with the song "Georgette." You can purchase her album War for Love on Amazon or iTunes. Check out her website for more info:


And a final shout out to YOU, our wonderful listeners. We appreciate you so much! Now, go SUBSCRIBE already. What are you waiting for?


As always, enjoy the trip down the rabbit hole and make some snacks. It's gonna be a bumpy ride...





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