This is the exciting episode where BJ Lange, Jeffrey Thompson, and Paul Davis chime in with me on the breaking news (at least then) of the Zimmerman trial verdict as well as the exciting new TV series called "Orange Is the New Black." Also, we discuss our careers for an obscene amount of time. And MORE!

Starring Elle Latham (as always) as Host.

Special Guest #1: BJ "Honkey" Lange (excellent improviser who is currently in Top Shelf in the Loft at iO West) (He's also an improv teacher at the Improv Trick with Bill Chott, a Second City alumnus, and Monster Drink promoter)

BJ's IMDb:

BJ's Hosting Reel:

Twitter:  @BjComedy (Instagram/Snapchat)



Special Guest #2: Jeffrey Thompson (as promised) (iO West improviser who is currently in a show at the DCT called DCT)  He is an awesome guy who's in college studying Psychology. A renaissance man. A bad ass mutha-

Jeff's Twitter: @OneBlackJeff (Instagram/Snapchat)


BJ and Jeff are not new to the show. They are veterans of Super Awkward Fun Time, the show that turned into this.

Shout out to Paul Davis for listening in and contributing to the show! Shout out to Kevin Laurence, (, for giving me permission to use his track. Buy his album "Before I Fall" on iTunes. You won't regret it! He's one of the most talented musicians I know.

And a final shout out to YOU, our wonderful listeners. We appreciate you so much! Now, go SUBSCRIBE already. What are you waiting for?


 Enjoy the trip down the rabbit hole and make some snacks. It's gonna be a bumpy ride..

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